Do You Know What Happens to the Barcode and How It Started, Know Here


You must have heard about barcodes. Whether it is to update the passbook or to buy any goods, it is easy to use the barcode to know the value of that item. But have you ever wondered what the barcode is, and when did it start? So let’s tell you what the barcode is and where it came from …

There is a black or colored 8-10 or more long lines on a packet of goods. Some numbers are written just below these lines.

These lines have complete details about the goods that contain the price.

To read this code, it is scanned with the optical scanner and it is connected to the optical scanner computer so that the bills are removed.

The times the banks use the codes, they put it in the kiosk. He reads the marks put in it and prints all of the customer’s entry on the empty page.

How the scanner reads barcode

1. Usually, there are 5 parts of the barcode. First White Zone, Second Start Zone, Third Career, Fourth Data Cracker and Fifth Stock Character.

2. A bar code reader is used to read it, also called price scanner. This reader has a laser beam which converts the code into digital data through the relays in line and space and then transmits it to the computer.

3. Barcode begins with a special character. Which is called the start code. Each code is accompanied by a special character called the stock code.

How to Start Barcode

1. According to a report from the inventor Mary Belice, the barcode was first used in business in the year 1966. But after its use, it came to know that there are some drawbacks in accordance with industrial standards.

2. After this, a company named Legeecon Inc., a 1970 company, wrote the Universal Grocery Product Certification Code (UGPIC) in writing. This year, American company Monarch Marking used it for the first time in business.

3. UGPC has set up the UPC symbol, which includes the Universal Product Code. It is still used in America. According to the report, the first product that was made with the barcode was the packet of Chung Gum of Ringley Company.

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