This Train Moves in Argentina to Change Over

This Train Moves in Argentina to Change Over

Friends, you too must have traveled in many strange trains. But today I am going to tell you about a train that goes through the clouds. That is why this train is also known as the train to be clouds.

Indeed, Friends, This train is one of Argentina’s most famous railroad journeys in Salta State. This train is specially designed for tourists. It is known as the train to be clouds, this railway journey starts from a height of 1187 meters.

Train In The Sky

During this journey, the train passes through 21 tunnels, 29 bridges and 13 windships in a 15-hour round-trip, and this train travels 434 kilometers. Which ends on going to La Polvorilla Station.

It mostly passes through mountain ranges, which is the reason it seems that this train is running over the clouds. In this train, 500 passengers can travel only once, and the train booking throughout this train is full

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