Affiliate and Adsense: What’s More Money In?

Affiliate and Adsense: What's More Money In?

Whenever we think of affiliate marketing, then this question comes to our mind that what is the “Adsense” or “Affiliate“?

What is Google AdSense?

What is affiliate marketing?

I am going to tell you something about this post, I have also been with the Experience and after that, you have been able to decide which one is to choose from an affiliate or affiliate marketing?

Some Important Points about Adsense and Affiliate Marketing

  1. It is easier to add and join affiliate links than an AdSense account.
  2. In Affiliate, you get more money than Adsense.
  3. Many affiliate companies mostly use PayPal and Payza for payment and it is not in AdSense.
  4. You get links to all types of products, but this is not the case in Adsense.
  5. In your adsense, your income is recurring, but in affiliate you only get one product once.
  6. AdSense only applies to Google itself, and affiliate has small or large company involve
  7. Affiliates are very aggressive in ADS, whereas in Google Adsense you are required to get the same as you give it to ADS.

The points above which you have been told that affiliate marketing is too slow to get rid of the Adsense before asking any conclusion on more than they know about affiliate link works on some pages but the Adsense works on every page

How to Earn Money in Affiliate Marketing

You can earn $ 10- $ 100 per month with an affiliate sale, but it gives an overview of how traffic is made in your website or blog and what type of product you take. But with many people, income from affiliate sales is more than their income from the weekend.

If you too are like me, then you should follow both the Adsense and affiliate sales, in this case, you will want to make sure that you can apply by combining the combination of addresses and affiliate sales, One thing to note is that the banner that you are putting in the most clickable area of the blog, which is covering the area with Adsense ads.

Here are some ways to tell you how you can choose your ADS or banner:

           1. 125*125 (sidebar)
           2. 728*90 (Header, footer)
          3. 468*60 (Under the post, under the comment and also above the comment)

Here’s one thing to keep in mind that more ADS units do not guarantee that you will not earn much, but by mixing 1 or 2 units and together with the Search Unit, a good option can be made.

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