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                                                                            Founder & Auditor – Newsifier.Info

Welcome to Newsifier.Info – Newsifier is a trick named. You will be able to know the strange things of the world and many unique facts and what website or tool you can use to save your time. More about this, Newsifier is a Facts Blog.

I am the Author and Founder (Shubham) That me


I am the mind behind Newsifier.

I am a simple guy, I will not use any big or heavy words.

I have finished my primary school with R A Geeta in Delhi 2015, and I am still busy but not many people in many ways from SOL, I did not know what happened in the next life, so many jobs, but in the I am doing the job and I work with the job.

That’s how Newsifer was born.

It started in 2017, as I told you, what is Newsifier, first of all, I can know about whether or not it can be a future, or when I search about it on Google then I get a lot of results, Started with the direct WordPress taken and I write in my account

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