A Place Where Only Four Golgapes Are Worth 750 Rupees

A Place Where Only Four Golgapes Are Worth 750 Rupees

There was a time when a lot of food was eaten in one rupee and today the pockets are empty for the sake of their hobbies. What can be expected in this period of mahangai also?

Every item sold in the market is expensive. But brother, the item which we are going to talk about, the price can reach so much that no one has thought it. Actually, that’s such a thing. We are talking about water-puri.

Yes, who is known by different names at different places? Such as gola-guppe, bamte, water-puri, pachaka etc. Despite being in different areas, their rates are almost identical. In every market, you will find a water-filled person.

But the guru’s golpets here probably will not fade on your tastes. Actually, here is the most expensive water-puri. This truth may be difficult to swallow.

The water that is easily available anywhere in 10 rupees is sold out to 750. This is available in Hotel Pullman in Puri Delhi Aerocity in India. Now you people are thinking that what is such a specialty in them.

Then tell that there is nothing different in this. Just sitting in beauty and style and luxury hotels, money is being levied for them. Believe me, many people are enjoying them and they eat them in the pursuit of their Facebook friends and then share pictures.

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