A Library Which Will Open Up Your Eyes When You See It

wonderful libary

The technology is growing so far that more than one building is becoming more and more. Recently a beautiful example of engineering has been introduced in China. Actually, it is a library and its name is Tianjin Binhai Library.

This beautiful and beautiful look made in China is made by watching the library.
The interior here is very beautiful and most of the people coming here will be seen taking you selfies here. So let’s show you some pictures of this magnificent library.

A Library Which Will Open Up Your Eyes When You See It

There is a crowd of people here – It is spread over 37,000 square feet and its height is equal to a five-story building. Its second name is ‘I of Binhai’.

People take it here selfie – Here you will find about 12 lakh books in the total of almost every genre. It has been opened in the city’s Binhai Cultural Center and is designed by the Dutch company MVRDV.

Eyes built here – Here you will find service space, book storage, archive, computer room, audio room, auditorium, lounge as well as the meeting room, office and reading space.

People sit and read books – A special feature of this library is that you will see a big eye between these books and the library. The things happening inside this eye and the shadow of the park turned out to be on it, and this is why it enhances the beauty here.

It has been opened to the general public of China’s National Day ie October 1.

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