A Bridge in the World That Connects the Two Islands

A Bridge in the World That Connects the Two Islands

Internet desk In China, the world’s first glass bridge is built, which connects two islands together. This glass bridge is made up of the Grand Canadian of Zhangchiachchi region of China. It is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage.

A Bridge in the World That Connects the Two Islands

Telling you that after the inauguration on August 20, this bridge was temporarily closed at the beginning of September considering a large number of tourists. On the Xian Lake, Chinese engineers set a 300-meter tall bridge at a height of 150 meters. This is the bridge of the world of its own kind, which connects two islands or does together.

This glass-made bridge is built in Changsha’s Shiyan hu Ecological Park, which is the main center of the tourist of the coming tourist. Visitors coming here can take the view of the lake with the valley along with the valley.

Dr. Yin Xinping, the professor of the design department at Hunan University, says that the bridge can bear the burden of 1200 people at a time. This bridge was opened for the people from 30th September, after which there is a continuous stream of people here to see it. Experts who design it, say, ‘These strong winds will not shine even on the flowing’.

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