50 Thousand of the Wife’s Jewelry Started Selling, Today the Company Owner of 4000 Million

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If you have a passion for doing something, then even bigger problems can not spoil anything. Your passion and your ambition also change the stars of your fate.

We are telling you about a man who has built a huge empire of his business on his own hard work and passion. The name of the company formed after the work started from the small level in the garage can be heard comfortably on the tongue of the people today.

Yes, today we are talking about the Jessie Dial Company and its owner. Nowadays Just Dial is in a discussion because of reports of Google’s acquisition. However, no official statement has come from any company regarding this. Let us tell you that the first dial was started by VSS Mani by selling his wife’s ornaments. Mani got 50 thousand rupees from selling wife’s jewels, from which he started work. Today it has become a market cap company worth 4000 crores.

just dial

Mani started the first dial in 1996 in a garage in Mumbai. By selling wife’s jewelry, she got Rs 50,000 at that time. From these rupees, they bought furniture, computers, and started work with 6 employees. Today the market cap of this company has reached Rs 4000 crore. If you or you are not getting anything from us, then we say that calls to the Just Dial

Mani, who started Just Dial, had a childhood in Calcutta. He also thought of doing BC from DU, but due to lack of normal circumstances, he left schooling in the middle. To help the family, he started a salesman job and got information about the business. The idea of launching Just Dial was from his 22 years of age. At that time he used to work for the Yellow Pages of United Databases India Company.

Leaving Google’s Job and Earning Rs.3 Million

In 1989, he started a company named Ask me. Due to not having much connection at that time, their plan could not be successful. After this, he created the least dependency plan on the Internet. If the dotcom was busted in 2000, there was no effect on the zodiacal. A web-based version of JustDial was launched in 2007.

In the year 2013, the IPO of Local Search Service Just Dial came. IPO got the good response from investors and it was subscribed 11.63 times over. Only six months after the listing of the IPO, the Just Dial stock increased by 172 percent. After this, on August 5, 2014, the stock reached the all-time high of Rs 1894.70. This is the highest level of stock of Just Dial.

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