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   2  Simple ways you can easily download online videos

 In this post, 2 simple steps will show you how you can download videos in free when you used to download a video on the web, and were disconnected in it? Obviously, the best video quality is provided in those web-based spilling destinations. In any case, its quality reduction looks eager to see that video. Currently, you are likely to get an HD quality once. You will see 2 steps below, how you can download the video.

Video sites support

Most people support nearly 1000+ sites, including YouTube, Delicious, Vimeo, Google Video, USRAM, and so on.

Below, I’ve given you a few ways to download YouTube videos, both of which are online and offline. You can use this tool to download from 1000+ video sites and you do not have to pay to download.

Method  To Online

Very simple way you just have to go to Video Grabber

1. Paste the URL of your desired YouTube Video

Go to, you will have to link Youtube to that position and after that, you have to click on that button to hold it. “The video will be automatically detected and downloaded.

 video Grabber

2. Choose video quality

After clicking on the “Click” button, you will be able to preview the YouTube video thumbnail that you are downloading. You can see a list of quality options for download below. Normally if you are going to download an HD video then you will find many options like HD Video size 1080P, HD 720P, 480P, 360P, and 240P.

Choose Quality – Video

I suggest you go with HD1080P because it provides the best YouTube HD clean

Using desktop applications

If you want to make this offline, you can download video download capture software from Video Grabber. It’s as simple as an online method.

Video Using desktop applications

After downloading and keeping the software, open it and enter the URL of the online streaming video. Select streaming video site like YouTube, Vimeo, Decimation etc Then click on the “Add to Download” button and the downloading process will start immediately.

So go to the video Grabber and tell us how you feel about the site in the comment below.


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