15 Interesting Facts About Animals

15 Interesting Facts About Animals

1. If you have seen a duck child 10 minutes after birth, he will understand you as the mother.

2. A hungry rat can eat its own tail.

3. Alligator can live more than 100 years.

4. Snakes do not blink.

15 Interesting Facts About Animals


5. Jellyfish starts to extinguish in the sun because it contains 99% water.

6. Only bats are mammals that can fly.

7. Which we also call woodpecker, can beak 20 times in a second.

8. DNA of the person gets 70% and chimpanzee 98.4%.

9. The heart of whale fish throws only 9 times in a minute.

10. The bird named Flamingo can only eat if its head is inverted.

11. A male gorilla can eat 19 kg food a day.

12. Pigs, videos can also play games.

13. The new panda born is less than a teacup of weight, but when grown, it weighs 70 to 100 kg.

14. The Gorillas catch many diseases, including human cold.

15. Squirrel cannot see the red color.

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