10 Things That Make Some Horrible and Hooks Related to Water

Water Facts

In this post you are going to tell a few things related to water which you probably do not know, then let’s start.


Water is a natural source. Polluted water is a problem all over the world at this time. Every year, awareness programs are also organized to clean water. Some interesting things related to water

According to the World Water Development Report, many girls in schools are unable to attend school because they have to make arrangements for water in the house, as well as they, do not even have a toilet because they do not have separate toilet Can go

Every year about 25 million people die due to drinking polluted water.

The problem of dirty or polluted water is increasing in the developing world as a pandemic,

An African family uses an average of 23 liters of water a day, while an American family can use about 946 liters of water a day.

According to an estimate of the Environmental Protection Agency, an average of 40 trillion gallons of water is used every year in the US, and its rate will increase by 25 percent every year in the coming years.

Approximately 41 million Americans have found a large number of medicines and soaps in the water of their homes.

Every day in the US approximately 2.5 billion bottles of water are thrown out using the plastic bottles. Decompose completely in every bottle of ground takes approximately 500 years.

According to the price, it is found that bottled water is about 600 to 3785 times more expensive than the water coming in the tank.
According to one estimate, every 8 seconds a child’s death is polluted by water.

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