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Harry Potter is hardly anyone who does not know about it, and most people have seen all of this series, in today you are going to tell some interesting and fun facts about the Harry Potter series, and also Who is the owner of this series.

1. Birthday of Harry and JK Rowling- The main character of the Harry Potter series takes place on July 31. The special thing is that its author JK Rowling’s birthday is only on July 31. Rowling did this to keep the character closer to himself.



Rowling prepared the whole book’s story during a train trip.

2. Emma Watson did not want to be made Hermione- Emma Watson, who plays Harry Potter fans as Hermione, is very much liked. But it is true that Emma did not want to audition for the first part of the film, and wanted to focus on studies. Then Emma’s teacher persuaded her to audition. Emma was the last girl to audition for Hermione.

3. Arthur Weasley’s death- Harry Potter is one of the fancy characters of the Fans film and book series, Ron’s father Arthur Wisley JK Rowling wanted to kill Arthur’s character in the fifth book Order of the Phoenix. But later he changed this decision and kept Arthur’s character alive.

According to the book, Ron, Harry, took admission in Hermione Hogwarts School in 1991.


According to the book, Ron, Harry, took admission in Hermione Hogwarts School in 1991.

4. Harry’s green eyes- According to the book, Harry Potter’s character’s eyes are green like his mother Lilly. The film team tested Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry, wearing green lenses, but in his eyes the lens became allergic. Because of this, the eyes of Harry’s character in the film are not as green as the book.

5. The food shown in the school- The scenes in the film which are filmed in the school’s dining hall are quite astonishing. In these scenes, there are four tables filled with excellent food. The special thing is that all these dishes were real. But after the first film, the team felt that eating too late would have spoiled the food. Due to this, food for further films was frozen and molded and then fake food was kept for shooting.

Hogwarts Professor Snape's character Raoul wrote inspiration from his chemistry professor.


Hogwarts Professor Snape’s character Raoul wrote inspiration from his chemistry professor.

6. Ron’s Spider-Fear – In Harry Potter’s second film- Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, you have seen how much Harry’s friend Ron is afraid of spiders. The special thing is that Rupert Grint, who plays Ron’s character, is very scared of spiders in real life too.

7. Two-Two Dumbledore- Many fans may not have noticed that Dumbledore played the character of two actors. In the first and second part of the film, Richard Harris played the headmaster of Hogwarts. But after this, his health became worse and he died. Because of this, Michael Gambon played the role of 8 and he was also quite liked.

Ron's big twins are born on April 1, April Fool's Day, making all the idiots dead in the movie.


Ron’s big twins are born on April 1, April Fool’s Day, making all the idiots dead in the movie.

8. Dudley and his weight- Harry Mailing, who plays Harry’s masque son in the film, is shown as fat-fisted, whose name is Dudley. Actually, after the first movie, mailing began to lose weight. But according to the books, Dudley’s character was still fat. Due to this, in the forthcoming films, the mailing was shot in Fat Suit.

9. Voldemort’s relationship- Phoenice Tiffon, who plays the childhood character of Villain Voldemort in the sixth part, is actually the nephew of actor Ralph Fenice, who plays the role of Voldemort’s main character.



According to the book, when Waldemort died, he was 71 years old.

10. Dumbledore’s character was gay- in a special program, JK Rowling revealed that Dumbledore’s character in the book is from Gale Magician. Dumbledore’s character liked another male wizard Grindelwald. You’ve seen this character in the 2016 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.



Tom Felton, the character of Malfoy, first auditioned for the role of Ron and Harry.

11. Mad I Moody and Bill Wisley- You’ve seen Ron’s elder brother Bill Wisley in the last two-part films. The special thing is that the father of actor Bill Glynson, who plays the character of Bill, has also played a key role in the film.



Actor Bill Wisley and Mad I are real-life fathers and sons.

Her father is Brandon Glisson, whom you saw in the role of Madi Moody in the fourth part – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

12. Harry Potter’s Eyeglasses- In this film series, Harry is identified by the main character Harry. During the film shoot, these glasses broke several times at Daniel’s hands. Until shooting eight series of films, Danielle had broken 160 specs.

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